Wacky Races!

Navigation and Orienteering on a special and the funniest way. „Now we bring the brandy in our mouths or let it spill away as we walk? Shall we buy an insurance for the next twenty minutes, or play the double or nothing? Where in the heck can we get candy from? Does anybode have an idea on what "barrow" coul mean in this text? What should we do with the mummy? Can you recite the small font text in one minute? How we get back here? Anyway, why is this roller coaster here?”

In Wacky Races 4-8 person teams compete on unknown land. You'll need strategical planning, some basics from the insurance business, willingness to bet. The unknown land can be a forest, a large park, a downtown. How do we make it unknown? It is our secret.


2—5 hours depending on your needs.


Ranging from very easy to tough both phisically and intellectually as you wish.


Mostly outdoor. Rarely indoor.