You lead!

Coaching for young leaders

You Lead coaching method is designed to make the learing curve to be shortened and robust. There are much more leading positions than natural leaders are born. Applying a leader is based on professional criteria an not on abilities to lead. However, leading is a different skill including: leading motivating assessing, controlling, daring to decide and staying credible. It is a long time to learn these skills. This period can be remarkably shortened by a supporting coach.


New entrants, who arrived directly from school. Professionals who are nominated by they professional performance. Managers being good at systems and organisation planning but have less experience with people mangemement. Young professionals who fougth for their positions and now it is time to prove their leadership aptitude.


Starting kicks and a fittness training for the competencies below:

  1. Assertivity at representing your team to the whole company.
  2. Handling difficult situations and people (see: )
  3. Straightforward communication (politely called assertivity including sharing opinion with a self confidence, well timed and formed feedbacks, asszertív kommunikáció, valójában, magabiztos véleményközlés, időben és jól szerkesztett visszajelzések, praises and criticism)
  4. Confident appearance, how to seem calm
  5. Leading colleguages (providing the right conditions)


  1. Typical traps, situations
  2. Typical beliefs
  3. Roots of my credibility
  4. My power resources
  5. My motivation toolbox
  6. Nerve to decide