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Where you can apply my services?

Main directions

  • Where to go? (Strategical consultancy)
  • What to do? (Development and creative sessions)
  • How to reload? (Sales force recreation)
  • Build or rebuild cooperation among team members.
  • Build or rebuild cooperation among different teams.
  • Restarting dead projects
  • Supporting reorganizations

My clients say

"Our collaboration with Zoli helped us to make our colleguages to understand and accept the changes in our company. I recommend him to anyone who sometimes needs to ask himself questions aloud and seeking real answers. I recommend him to anyone who wants committed team around him."
Tamás Kovacs, CEO of Szabadics Mélyépítő Zrt

„We chose the „Escape” program by democratic voting. We did not vote after, but I can tell that Kele and his team were fully professional. Still in the preparation, they managed to dynamize our tired team ….” The team of OTP Funds

„Throwing aside our healthy scepticism for the shake of our tiny company we colorized our kickoff with the help of Kele. The consequences of the see-saw excercise in our very garden come out time to time in our progress. The company is doing well. Is more recommendation necessary?”
Balázs Váradi PhD, Budapest Institute, former prime ministerial consultant in chief

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