In Your Head

Everybody can win. You should understand that your popular beliefs about "positive thinking", "rationality" are strong protective shields that pervent you from personal development. Your unconfidence, your doubts are your best trainers to step over yourself. The "in your head" training aims to learn winner strategies to achieve your goals. These strategies are not mantras or two in one recepies. They are hard to learn and hard to accept sometimes. Progress is progress no matter how small.

The power of thoughts and actions

Since it is easy to mess with esoteric, it is a sensitive topic. Do not think it is a kind of "law of attraction". The power of thoughts is far from it. This method is based on the fact that you can able to modify your attitude by recalling positive, real own experience. If succeed, you can geather power from your former achievements to meet your challenges. It is a hard work to learn to fight your protecting mechanisms and, of course, we do not aim to wipe them out, because we need them. There are however certain situations and periods in our life where we reasonably should challenge ourselves despite the cricumstances that suggest giving in, slowing down, runing away or quailing seem equally good option. What I'm talking about is quite clear to sportsmen and other competitors. Most of our situations are not so difficult. Before competitive situations or where to go decisions it would be fine to know that


Leaders, decision makers, everybody who has or seeks challenges. For the ones that wants to make good decisions in difficult situations in their life.