About me

Zoltán Kelemen coach, consultant

I'm an independent coach and organisation developer. I've spent 17 years in consultancy business with more than 500 hours business coahcing sessions. Professional areas are change management, executive coaching, motivational and cooperation improvement trainings for executives managers and sales people competitors. People development and trainigs are my way of life. I develop unique new methods to offer a playful and powerful way of change.


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Performance focused approach turning wishes into measureable objectives. This approach requires honesty and calls for progress.
In the coaching sessions clients learn, become more effective. This process is painful sometimes, because self knowledge gorws first, prior to self esteem.

Leaders wanting change often face reluctancy or slow and unwelcomed reception of their new plans. A good communication strategy with carefully selected elements and timing are key to success. The bigger the organization the harder to get there, but is almost never impossible.

The word is old, the content is fresh. Team building has specific objectives not only "team fitness". The special team spirit raising activities give your team munition for the next challenge, cure wounds, raise self confidence and commitment to others. Growing motivation increases performance.