Team of Leaders

How well do your leaders know each other? They work together or work beside each other? Or against each other? This training for those who want to keep or reinforce their team unity.

Extremely useful in:

  • Reorganising
  • Winding up seggregation
  • Resolving tension between members
  • Change implementations
  • Reducing fluctuation
  • Making new strategies
  • Case of disagreement on key issues

What will happen in a leadership training?

Depends on your needs. It easier to tell what is not going to happen: we will not impove skills. The participants will not learn to hold meetings, neither performance assessment or motivation or conflict handling techniques. Instead, we focus on relationship between the key people on the top management team. We pay attention the probable challenges in front of the team, the team performance, the state of the team and the factors that can influence this state. We work to form a common picutre, common knowledge, future, possible roles to help them to keep motivation and delight in the team.


1,5 - 2,5 days. No sense to hold shorter trainings.

Optimal headcount

5 - 20 persons