You can't progress comfortably but delight is a must

Performance focused approach turning wishes into measureable objectives. This approach requires honesty and calls for progress. In the coaching sessions clients learn, and become more effective. This process is painful sometimes, because self knowledge gorws first, prior to self esteem.

What is performance based approach?

To be short, we focus on the future in the sessions. In the first sessions I inquire about my clients' wishes and objectives instead of their problems. To know first what he or she wants to achieve instead of problems is a fundamental difference. If desire is on the first place, the problems are challenges. If probmlems were in the first place, they would seem high walls.
During sessions we define and redefine performance, achievements. Methods or frameworks I use: GROW, NLP, solution oriented approches from therapy, behaviorist elements, and transaction analysis. The GROW method is useful and very straightforward, since it builds on self awareness, voluntarism and liability.