To the wilderness!

Walk "easily" through the wood to get to the camping place. Set the camp to see the summer night from the shelter. Make meal on fire. Find the appropriate bank to put your kayak on the water. This porgramme is special. You'll be nomad for a few days. No rush, take it easy. You'll have a lot to do anyway. Youll learn how to set fire, how to fix your ropes, how to tie knots and how to use them. You will learn other useful tricks what nomades used daily. How to set fire, how to filter water, how to make shelter or sleeping place. We'll be dropped in with as less tools as possible. You won't get bored with no mobiles and other machines.


If you want to slow down a bit and like natural nomad envinronment the "wilderness" is for you. If you want to turn to others, prefer spontaneity. In this training there is seldom so called "training job" for the trainer. we leave the classic training toolbox home and won't do briefings, debriefings, and do not prepare schedules. We'll be your shadow, or a silent guide. We work on the places, the tools and food, and of course the learnings but the presence is yours.


8 - 20 persons

tel: +36 20 260 72 79 e-mail:

tel: +36 20 260 72 79 e-mail: