How many ways can you list to use an old wooden radio set? What kind of musical can you cathc up into? What kind of cartoon figures would your collegues be? And as an opera character? Can you imagine them to play in Friends? When did you improvise in front of others with no (really no) consequences?

In Impro! program we focus on relationships. Relations with each other, secret relations, serious liasions, client relations, customer relations, hierarchical relations,codependent relationships, relationship dependency, bored relationships, warmed up relationsips and so on. Only one thing matters feel good and form as many type of relationships as you can in the world of as ifs.

So you and your colleguages are invited to a game an improvisational dramatic event to feel good, bring you closer together, deepen your ties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is impro event? A way of storytelling, where dramatic and other verbal and non verbal elements are used.
  • So I got to act the fool in front of others? Not exactly. Morover, we do everything in order to give good experience both to an extrovert and an intravert. We believe, the good program gives chances each and everyone to introduce himself or herself on a way they prefer.
  • I am not able to play more coplex role than the 26th guardian if any. No problem! Many different skills are needed to make a good performance. In our opininon the guardian worhts the same as the Henry the VIIIth. The whole performance is a result of the common contribution otherwise it is senseless. Just do not sit aside.
  • So it will be a play on stage eventually, won't it? Not really. It is a cooperation development program spiced with impro drama elements. We develop scenes, topics and we laugh at them. Sometimes we cry if some of us has a powerful or touching scene.
  • Shall we prepare for it in advance? Nope. You better do nothing, just be there.
  • Will you serve beer? We won't but hope somenoe else will. Surely after the program. Please do not have acohol prior to or during the program it can spoil the party.