Should get to the other side but there is no boat, not even a knife, or an old and used tarp. How can we build a stable connection between the two stands? How smart are we wiht a smartphone? Invent something! How should we do it - individually or in a team? In this programme we focus on the inventing. How many phases shall we walk trough form the idea to the solution?
Inventing process is different in different projects. Developing a very uniqe invention can be a nightmare, like going through the maze to find something really new. That's why we never start from the drawing board in the trainigs we design a program for your specific needs.


The Earth staff for Apollo 13 spaceship was given a big challenge when they realized the spaceship flying to the Moon would run out of oxygen if they did not figure out how to craft a do it yourself carbon dioxide filter from parts of space suits, harnesses or whatever spare objects can be found on the spaceship.Not only the new equipment should have been created, but the instruction list, the so called 'protocol' too. They had a few hours only. Of course they were trained to react to unwanted and unexpected situations.

In this training we learn to react unwanted and unexpected situations. If you walk though the optimal protocol, you can save time and minimize loss. Without a good protocol a tremendous energy will go on debating and arguing and the team probably give in.

In this training we start with a short presentation on making good "emergency" protocols then the team will meet hard and harder challenges. Learing by doing is the best way to train avoiding mistakes. After each phase we debrief the team and everybody will have feedbacks.


Teams prefferring intellectual and organization challenges. Developers, self developers and creatives. Teams whose yesterday is different from the tomorrow, whose clients are different and on the cutting edge.


Tricks and hints. Simulation of decision traps. The fun of the common development and creativity. Team feeling. Feedback on the strenght and weaknesses of the team cooperation. New ideas to introduce in the team's everyday work.


5-20 persons


1-2,5 days