Classic outdoor

In our very popular and effective outdoor training we use the word TRAINING literally. Your cooperation skills and communication skills improves step by step. Participants go trough a customized and exciting challenge series to learn about others and themselves.


Cooperation developement should be done on a personal level, so we deal with no teams but individuals with different personalities, wishes, objectives, habits, background and willingness to corporate. Secondly, the program has to give chance to everybody to show his or her appealing side. Everybody should meet everybode else. Everybody has a right to recieve quality feedback. So you wont hear advices, only mirrors to check yourself if you want. We trust you and your team's inherent ability to improve, because it is our nature. So we can plan a good playground for you. The improvement is permanently yours. The developement will reach over the trainig and if it has stops sometimes does not have a terminal.


Because it is better. Whatever happens outdoors is more memorable, has a stonger impact. We won'spend the whole day and night under the sky of course. The Classic Outdoor programs start and end in a hall, and we return to there many times a day for debriefings and having a rest. We reserve time for a siesta many times!


For you, if you want to support a long lasting change. Who wants funny intense and memorable events that connects your team members again.

Optimal Hedcount

3 - 25 persons

tel: +36 20 260 72 79 e-mail:

tel: +36 20 260 72 79 e-mail: