Box on water

Hold together, You can do it, be smart - are the key messages in this construction game, a water program, where you can get soaking wet, but bored never!

Time to get in boats like indians from the northern lakes. Our teams constructs boats from seemingli inappropirate materials: cardboard panes, tartps, masking tapes. The building phase ends with a muster parading each teams around. Then we go out for the maiden voyage and when everything seems safe the great regatta starts!

What really matters is the cooperation to build boats according to the plan with the given materials. The boats should carry 6-8 persons for 5 rounds without sinking.

There are no two identical boats, nor two similar regattas! Numerous funny moments, wildwater feeling on a flat surface. Fun is guaranteed.

The program is very saleable. We can build small boats, big boats the variations are endless. The event could be a Team Fun program or a strict project management course.